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What Is Homeopathy?


Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on the principle of “like cures like”.  A substance that produces disease-like symptoms in healthy people will, in diluted form, cure a sick person with similar symptoms.

For example, onion juice will cause watering, irritated eyes and sneezing, but in a very diluted form (Allium cepa) it is useful in relieving symptoms of nose and eye irritation as in hay fever.  To distinguish it from homeopathy, conventional medicine, in which symptoms are treated with large doses of opposing agents, is known as allopathic medicine. 

Homeopaths may either use the classical approach or practice clinical homeopathy.  The classical approach is to use only one dose of one remedy at a time and another dose or remedy only if the effect of the previous remedy has worn off.  More commonly clinical homeopathy is used where several remedies are combined and taken several times daily.

We all want good health and often take it for granted.  In our increasingly busy and stressful modern society, we need to help ourselves with natural remedies that are non-habit forming, safe and that work.
If you suffer from anxiety, palpitations or stress, homeopathy and the Bach Flower Remedies, chosen to suit your personal needs, can help bring you back to health.
Children's symptoms such as ear infections, teething, recurrent sore throats and colds can all be helped with homeopathic remedies which are safe for babies right through to the elderly.
Hay fever making you feel low?  Relieve those irritating sore eyes, runny nose and general under-the-weather feeling in the safest possible way with no drugs or after-effects.

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